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Godavari Ghee :

Godavari Pure and Fresh Ghee is specially manufactured from fresh butter collected across the famous green and fertile belt of twin Godavari districts of AP.Combined with an experience over 63 years since 4 Generations.The rich flavor, aroma & granular texture gives you a delightful taste.

Pure butter heated to perfection to accomplish the rich granular texture and memorising aroma. brown ghee is perfect to insert into your food adding taste and aroma to it. This high quality ghee is the perfect flavour improve to your day to day meal. Packed with neccessary fatty acids, butyric acids, omega-3 fatty acids and a lot more goodness helps in stimulating the digestive process and is likely to aid in weight loss. It also renew or renovate balance to your mind and improves the functioning of your brain.

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Shri Kallakuri Bhairavaswami

The journey started by the founder Shri Kallakuri Bhairavaswami in 1951 by collecting milk cream from door to door and prepare ghee on fire kettle to sell across the southern part of Orissa where there is a huge demand for ghee.

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Shri Kallakuri Sri Rama Nageswara Rao

Our chairman Shri Kallakuri Sri Rama Nageswara Rao (known as naga babu) watered the seeds sown by his grandfather by developing business to the next level by expanding the parental brand knb ghee and starting Godavari brand ghee with retail packs in Orissa.

He is well known in the society for service activities done by him in the states of Telangana and Andhra.

He elected as president of Aryavysya Mahasabha combined Telugu states. In recognition of his services, he further unanimously elected as all India president of Aryavysya Mahasabha.

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Managing Director:.

Shri Kallakuri Pradeep

With the young spirit, the company has been raised to new heights by launching the brand in retail markets of states Telangana and Andhra with a chain of distributors with the best sales team.

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